Known as the “Tree of Life” Arborvitae in a large evergreen coniferous tree with many unique properties. Use a few drops in a spray bottle with water and you have a powerful cleaning and purifying solution which you can use on work surfaces to protect you and your family from seasonal threats as well as keeping your home clean and fresh.

If you are the type that loves the outdoors but hates being plagued by bugs then you can also use the Arborvitae oil as an insect repellent due to its unique chemical properties. Or why not use a few drops in a diffuser and use those chemical properties to keep unwanted creepy crawlies at bay. You will also have the added benefit of a fresh clean fragrance in your home.

If you love wooden furniture then Arborvitae is a natural wood preservative that can keep your furniture looking great, mix up with wood polish for a great finish.

It is also known to promote feeling of peace and calm, diffuse some after a stressful day at work to help relieve that stress.